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LHCH International - Hunan TV International Representative

Our Mission

To connect European players from Culture Tourism,Industry etc. and  with the Chinese market through films, documentaries and video productions for its unique combination of Chinese media .As a specialist in Europe-China relations, we help European businesses enter the Chinese market by specifically targeting Chinese cultural elements through a consumer oriented product.

We provide documentaries and international cultural events to help the public understand better the European and Chinese ways of thinking, their regional cultures, tourist attractions and lifestyle.

We also provide advice on how to organize your own cultural promotional activities with China

Our Products

  • documentaries, films, trailers, short films, series, cartoons etc
  • post-production : translation, subtitles, etc
  • co-production
  • event management and organisation consultancy
  • international events organisation and promotion between China and Europe.

Our target

LHCH International is a company committed to providing innovative quality media production, international cultural exchange and further development of China’s market.

LHCH International is also the Representative Office of Hunan TV International in Europe.

Hunan TV Station is part of Hunan Broadcasting System:HBS. At present, Hunan TV has 19 channels, including Hunan Satellite TV, Hunan TV International, Hunan economic channel and fashion channel etc. HBS owns a film studio, 10 radio stations and also incorporates 354 companies.

Hunan TV is the second largest media group in Asia and China and also one of the biggest broadcasters for overseas audiences outside mainland China already for more than 27 years. In 2019, Hunan Satellite TV had 1,2 billion viewers/day for China, Hunan TV International has more than 60 million international viewers, covering 77 countries and regions.

We now want  to increase its collaboration with European countries.


video (documentaries, films, trailers, short films, series, cartoons etc), post-production (translation, subtitles etc), co-production

international events organisation

international events organisation and promotion between China and Europe


event management and organisation consultancy

Hunan TV International