February 2020

« Coronavirus Outbreak in China » China Embassy Press Conference. Organzation support. 

February 2020

International Events, Frank  Schwalba-Hoth, founding member of the German Greens and former first Green MEP. Organization Support

February 2020

Belgian pianist Jean-François Maljean’s video « Chime of the Dawn Bells ». Video Broadcasting support to China through Hunan TV.

January 2020

2020 Chinese Spring Festival Gala in Norway. Event management and co-organisation. 

October 2019

« Sichuan Amicale », cultural Event. Meeting, showcase and catering full organisation.

September 2019

2019 European Week of Sport – EWoS. Organisation of the meeting between Belgian soccer Mbo Mpenza ( Challenge Mbo Mpenza youth training center) and Chinese Ambassador to the European Union, Zhang Ming

September 2019

Belgian Construction company Cordeel Group NV’s Visit to China. Their delegation discovered Changsha (Hunan) factories of construction machines&technology and a Beijing company specialized in energy projects.

February 2019

Chinese New Year at the Château Tournette Golf Club with WBT (Wallonia Belgium Tourism) insiders and Chinese key players in Politic and Market. Co-organization.

August 2018

EU-China 2018 Tourism Year Event for « Mini-Europe by  Night 2018 », Brussels. Chinese Delegation’s visit organisation for Walloon Government.

April 2018

The Sino-German Intelligent Manufacturing Solution Conference 2018. Nanjing, Jiangsu province.  Organisation and management of the European delegation for the Jiangsu gouvernement.

Film Technical Support

May 2018

Train world Brussels

July 2018

Une Histoire Avec La Chine — Jinghan Railway. Documentary production https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aR9JrBYER04&feature=youtu.be

Augustus 2018

Little Ambassador Program Live Show

July Augustus 2018

LIVE SHOW Eagle Team 2018 Full Production et Organisation for all Europe